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Rua Serpa Pinto N.º 44 4400-266, Porto


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The Beira Rio Market, is one of the oldest markets in the coastal zone of Gaia, in the Portuguese town. Located in the heart of Vila Nova de Gaia, it�s where usually people start to explore the city passing by the wineries of the area. The Beira Rio aims to become a place of meetings between tourists and locals, especially at this moment when it just opened its gates after a long period of renovation. The 11 principal places where flowers, fruits, meat and fish are sold coexist with the 36 new places including restaurants, ice cream shops, delis and wineries. The building has made possible the fusion of the most traditional part of the market with the modernity of gastronomic and touristic offers of all kind. This recent change has been made to enjoy cultural events such as concerts, book launches, expositions and workshops.If you want to enjoy the past and the present in this place, you can leave your car in our Beira Rio SABA parking lot, located just a few minutes from the market on the Rua Serpa Pinto 44. A bit of historyThe Beira Rio market opened its gates for the first time in 1937, and in September of that year its fa�ade changed the color to pink, keeping its look up to now. Since then, the market has passed through tough times, while always being a place for locals to meet in order to exchange products as a commercial activity. Nowadays, the market has a capacity for around 400 people, taking into account the terrace area.

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