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In the vicinity of Lisbon we find Vila Franca de Xira, a city located in one of the most traditional provinces of Portugal, the Ribatejo. The verdant plains and out of sight converge with a modern city that has been increasing exponentially its population, much because of industry, namely the metallurgical sector.

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Estrada Nacional N.º1, 2600-009 Vila Franca de Xira

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1.25 €/hour

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In a semi-rural county, such as Vila Franca de Xira, it is possible to come together in the best of two worlds: In the daily activity of a city in constant sustained evolution and, at the same time, in the peace of the fields that surround the urban zone.The Museum of Neorealism, the Municipal Library and the Ateneu Artístico Vilafranquense are a must for those who want to know more about the cultural panorama of the city. The Ribeirinha Front of the South Zone is the ideal place to take advantage of the magnificent landscapes of the Tagus Estuary. To these they join other points of prominence as the Stop of the Lord of the Good Death, the Pier of Póvoa de Santa Iria or the Old Convent of Our Lady of Subserra.

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The municipality of Vila Franca de Xira has an economy more and more preponderant in the country, being one of the counties with one of the lower unemployment rates, occupying the 18th place of the Portuguese municipalities in turnover and the 16th place in exports.