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The Praia de Matosinhos is one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in the city.

This beach is near the Fort do Queijo, which overlooks the beach that shares its name.In summer, the Praia de Matosinhos is full of families and tourists who come to enjoy a few days at the beach. In winter, this beach also has a lot of movement mainly due to the hundreds of surfers who fill up the place in search of the best waves. If you want to enjoy a quiet day lying out in the sun or wandering around with your family on the promenade, you shouldn’t forget to visit this location. What’s more, Praia de Matosinhos has several restaurants and shops making it even more convenient for tourists. The area is easily accessible and is located near the Praça da Cidade do Salvador square. It is difficult to find parking in the beach area of Matosinhos, which is why we recommend using one of the Saba car parks located near the city’s main points of interest. You can find one on Rua Tomaz Ribeiro Street, near the state of Passos Manoel. There is also another Saba car park available on Rua Roberto Ivens Street. Both are available at any time of day.

Parking Saba in Matosinhos

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Matosinhos does not have its own airport, although the nearest airport is located in Porto, a city that borders this town. In addition, Matosinhos is connected to other Portuguese towns through a network of buses and trains that cross the entire country. The best way to visit Matosinhos is to walk through the old town on foot, while the surrounding area can be visited by public transport or with your own vehicle.

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Matosinhos is a must-see if you are passionate about Portuguese cuisine. This northern city prides itself on having some of the finest restaurants in the area. On the coast you can enjoy wonderful views along with some of the best beaches in the north. To travel around this coastal town comfortably, we recommend using our Saba car parks, which can be found at the most important tourist attractions in the city.