Parking Saba João de Deus - Sao Joao da Madeira

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Rua João de Deus 3700-501, São João da Madeira


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Open between 08am to 08pm (Sáb. Open between 08am to 14pm)


Maximum height allowed: 2.2 meters


All of the tourist attractions in João de Madeira are concentrated around the city centre. Its cultural centre, known as Passos da Cultura, has worked to promote the area’s cultural wealth since 2005 and has a art centre, a municipal library and even an Academy of Music, among other facilities. Close to this cultural establishment are the administrative bodies of Joāo de Madeira, such as the court and the City Council. If you’d like to visit the area comfortably, you can park your car on Rua João de Deus Street, where you will find a Saba car park available at any time of day.

  • Open 24 hours
  • Facilities with mobile phone coverage
  • Equipped with spaces for people with reduced mobility
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